Kolohe Andino on a New Four Channel, Small Wave Whip

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Oh didn't Kolohe Andino's season turn out all roses? Long-tipped for surfing greatness, and, finally, the young Californian found some flow during 2016, wrapping up it all up neatly with a fourth place finish in the world rankings.

Looking towards the 2017 CT kick-off and Kolohe's getting some pre-season stoke in the bank by testing this latest weapon from Matt Biolos aka Lost Surfboards. It's a V3, four channel-bottom Stealth, the latest fix for small wave grovelling and doesn't it just pop under the feet of Dino Andino's boy?

Kolohe's not shy of above the lip flair and his wrap around cut-backs are some of the best in the world. Engage, just for a few minutes.