KP gives us a round-up of his trip to South Africa

By Kieren Perrow - C-Skins Team Rider

I have been home a few weeks from south Africa and now Tahiti is coming up fast! I am so pumped to get some decent barrels over there for a change, hopefully it provides for us this year…

There is quite a bit of anticipation and pressure surrounding chopes with a lot of careers riding on doing well, mine included. It was really disappointing to finish 33rd at J-bay, I felt like I was surfing great and had spent the 2 month break getting my knee back to 100% from my injury in Feb. Sometimes the ocean is just not your friend, and this was one of them!

It was so good to have my family with me there, it always helps to put things in perspective and move on from a loss. The event was over so quickly we had barely recovered from the 36 hour mission to get there, so we just relaxed and did some exploring along the coast.

Went to Plettenberg Bay for 3 days, beautiful and peaceful little town about an hour from Jbay. We then headed back for a few days surfing and eating at our favourite café, Infood, before our safari trip to Pumba Game park at the end. Tosh is such animal lover he was in heaven the whole time, and Frankie well she is just a chilled out kid!

Here are some snaps from our adventures...

The view from our front lawn in Jbay, yep it was pumping!

One of the best cafes I have ever been to, Infood... unbelievable

Tosh wanted to jump the fence and poke him awake

Patting the babies, the little girl cub got a bit feisty with tosh and tried to pounce on him!

Trying to look comfortable patting the 2 year old cheetahs... really I was freaking

They could smell Frankie outside the fence, it was heavy how they stalked her!

This is the view from our little hotel room in Plett Bay, tosh and I kayaking across to the sand point

Sunrise over the Crags Mountain range from same hotel room

Pumba game park, our first day

The Matriarch... she was not happy with us and charged our car! just slightly freaked us out

Lion main course

White lion checking out the main course... amazing blue eyes

Tosh spotted these cubs with their mother, we were all too busy looking the other way at nothing!
Almost kept driving as we didnt believe him... they were ridiculously cute, almost cuddly

The father is not so cute, or cuddly

Lion checking out his entree


Not sure how frankie managed to stay in the car, our ranger drove like a maniac! she is on the back seat in her little
capsule with danielle fiercely guarding her from any hungry cats

Our room at the lodge, tosh meditating in front of the fire

So im busy getting my boards sorted now, trying to decide how many guns ill need! hopefully all of them. And hopefully Pappa Teva who's house I stay at has fixed the boats this year before we get there... not fun when the waves are pumping and you are waiting on an engine to splutter into life.
Ill let you know how it goes...