Strongest Storm and Swell of the Season so Far Set for JBay


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Well, just when you thought the southern hemi was shut up for winter, perhaps the largest swell of the year is about to pound into South Africa.

Expect JBay to light up, but you knew that anyway. There's currently a massive low in the South Atlantic centred off Antarctica SSW of Cape Town, with an area of storm-force southwest winds pointing straight towards southwest Africa. This is forecast to intensify generating a huge, long-period south-southwest swell.

Forecast for JBay - here's how it's looking.  Check it here.

Forecast for JBay - here's how it's looking. Check it here.

MSW forecaster, Tony Butt relays: “The bulk of the swell will hit the South African coast east of Cape Agulhas, including JBay, which could have the biggest swell for some time. Tomorrow already sees the first long-period swell arriving, which gradually ramps up during the day and through Friday. Expect wave heights to hit six feet, probably bigger on Friday afternoon.

“Then on Saturday a much more solid pulse arrives. With periods around 18 secs and an almost straight southerly direction, expect little reduction as the swell refracts around Cape St. Francis, so don’t be surprised to see wave heights well over ten feet at J-Bay on Saturday. The swell tapers down on Sunday but conditions are still good.

“Wind conditions will be vary between moderate offshore from the southwest to light and variable, but some nasty easterlies might pick up for a while on Saturday afternoon.”

Make sure you keep an eye on the forecast and charts by going HERE.

Stay tuned, we'll bring you updates as they come in.