Laurie Goes To Town

HE'S a crazy cat that Laurie Towner. He goes to town on any wave and we're pretty sure that he's got veins bulging with nutsacks.

He also always seems to get injured -- a consequence of never holding back. You see his wipeout at the Pipe Masters? Straight up to the doc, ram it back in and paddle back out to try and win the heat. Only for it pop out again ... ouch. Then there's the ones he makes at Teahupoo and that Shipstern monster, Peahi in 2009, the list goes on.

He's a fearless lump of style who goes as well in the small stuff as anyone. "Laurie can push the best of us in high performance stuff" Narrates Parko "And from 6ft up he justs gets better." Joel moves on to compare him to Shane Dorian and equates his back-hand to watching Andy Irons. Pretty high-faluting company for a boy from Angourie, NSW.

One thing missing from this edit is that slip 'n' slide Cloudbreak drop. He's also got one of the best personal sites in surfing here, let us know if we're wrong.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley