Laurie Towner Seeks Heavy Slabs in the Aussie Desert

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“It's always hard trying to get time off work to chase waves and also juggle the family and organise that they're going to be ok,” says Laurie Towner in this 12-minute cut above, and isn't that just the truth?

Without doubt, Laurie's one of the finest wranglers of heavy water. This Aussie knows how to thread a tube but you're probably aware of that. “When times aren't super busy now and then through the year, I'm lucky enough to get a week or so off to chase a swell,” just so happens this particular vacay saw Laurie dance in the desert with some wild looking Oz slabs. The ultimate ode to the working, family-orientated surfer. 7 mins 30 secs onwards is particularly brilliant. Enjoy.

Produced by needESSENTIALS

Cinematography - Nathan Henshaw and Ishka Folkwell
Water Cinematography - Nathan Henshaw
Additional Cinematography - Myles Carroll


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