Lennox Lights Up

LENNOX Head firing for the locals during the peak of the Tasman Sea swell and not a pro in sight.

Lennox Head in New South Wales was reportedly 'discovered' by two Kiwis in 1962, the same year Australia entered the Vietnam war. At the time there was no real road and certainly no crowds. Now rightly, it's one of the Lucky Country's go-to spots. A ripper of a wave, standing-up and throwing-out for 500m down its pressing rocky headland.

Also it's one of the last spots on the coast that really picked up a decent southerly wedge of the Tasman Sea super swell. Greg spent four hours filming here and after he'd banked the reel needed, suited up just as a 20mph onshore came through and ripped it to shreds.

More shots from this swell HERE and upload yours to the Tasman Shootout photo comp HERE. Winners get an Agent 18 suit plus paid commission for the number one.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley