LSSF Tickets on Sale Now

Come hell or highwater you should attend this festival

Come hell or highwater you should attend this festival

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The London Surf / Film Festival is stoked to announce that tickets are now on sale for the first annual event. Hosted at the iconic Riverside Studios, 13-15 October 2011, The London Surf / Film Festival brings to the capital three nights of international surfing's hottest releases, independent features and award-winning films from waveriding's most exciting creatives in a celebration of the cream of contemporary surf culture.

"The selection panel has done an incredible job of putting together a feature programme that presents a full range of perspectives on surfing from this year's most inspiring shred flicks like Lost Atlas and Sight / Sound through to thought provoking documentaries such as Splinters," says Event Director Chris Nelson. "The programme includes the European Premiere of Keith Malloy's much anticipated exploration of bodysurfing Come Hell or High Water plus eight huge UK Premieres from Australia, Finland, USA and France. I'm truly excited by our line up, I think it's an incredible way to kick off the UK's first International surf film festival and speaking with the filmmakers they are thrilled to be screening their work in this cultural capital to an amped and knowledgeable British audience.' The full line up includes screenings of shortlisted entries to the Shorties short film competition presented by National Trust, created to support and promote home-grown filmmaking talents on the world stage. The weekend's celebration will be accompanied by a gallery show plus talks with filmmakers and waveriders of note including waterman and director Keith Malloy and documentary filmmaker Adam Pecse.

Tickets are on sale now through the Riverside Studios Box Office priced from £7.50 HERE.



UK Premiere: Splinters, Directed by Adam Pesce: USA, 2011, 94 mins
In the 80's a pilot left behind a surfboard in a remote ocean side village in the developing nation of Papua New Guinea. This compelling story unfolds 20 years later in the months leading up to the first National Surf Championships and explores the effect that surfing has had on human relationships, inter-club tensions and the competitive spirit within this tight knit, passionate community.
Audience Award Best Action Sports Feature; Newport Beach Film Festival 2011
Following the screening Director ADAM PESCE, talks to VINCE MEDEIROS, producer of Rio Breaks, about the art of documentary filmmaking.

UK Premiere: The Still Point, Directed by Taki Bibelas: FR, 2010, 52 mins
T.S. Eliot Poem inspires a film about water and the ocean. This is a thought provoking documentary about the essence of surfing as seen through the eyes and thoughts of some of the worlds most renown 'water-men' including: Skip Frye, Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew, Peter Cole, Mark Cunningham, George Downing, Steve Pezman, Jericho Popler and more.
Winner: Best Surf Film; Byron Bay International Film Festival 2011
Winner: Best Surf Film; Ventura Film Festival, 2011


UK Premiere: Stoked and Broke, Directed by Cyrus Sutton: USA, 20110, 56 mins
Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves, surfers Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton set off on a thirty mile, eight day walk through San Diego, CA. But what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of freedom vs alienation.
Winner: Best Story; X-Dance Film Festival 2010
Winner: Best Film; Canadian Surf Film Festival 2010
Winner: Best Film; International Surf Film Festival Anglet 2011

UK Premiere: Dark Fall, Directed by Alex DePhillipo: USA, 2010, 72 mins
Alex DePhillipo lifts the veil and offers a fascinating insight into a year in the lives of some of New Jersey's finest surfers. It follows them through waist deep snowdrifts to charge gaping brown barrels, sees them battle the crowds and stifling regulations of the summer season and watches them embrace the joys of an autumn that arrives with the promise of groomed hurricane swells shared with your mates. Set to an anthemic sound track of East Coast USA.
Winner: Best Feature; New York Surf Film Festival 2010
Winner: Viewers Choice; New York Surf Film Festival 2010

UK Premiere: Lost Atlas, Directed by Kai Neville: AUS, 2011, 45 mins
Lost Atlas is one of this year's hottest releases and picks up where Neville's iconic "Modern Collective" (2009) left off. This unfiltered view of some of the world's most progressive surfers presents a paradigm shift in performance surfing cut with candid clips and set to an epic soundtrack. Featuring: Dion Agius, Owen Wright, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Dusty Payne and more this is youth on the run.

Lost Atlas is part of a double-bill screened with Runman

POV Shorts: Runman, Directed by Tyler Manson, USA, 2011, 12 mins
Produced as part of The Surfers Journal POV Series, this short chronicles the proto-punk surf brand of the 80's and the groundbreaking films they produced.


UK Premiere: First Love, Directed by Claire Gorman: AUS, 2010, 58 mins
Following three competitive female surfers from the male dominated waters of Phillip Island as they prepare for their first trip to Hawaii, this is an inspiring documentary about friendship, dedication and following your dreams. How will they cope with the strains of competition, the challenge of big waves, career threatening injury and meeting their idols?
Winner: Best International Documentary; X-Dance Film Festival 2011
Winner: Best Emerging Filmmaker ; X-Dance Film Festival 2011

UK Premiere: Finnsurf, Directed by Aleksi Raij: FIN, 2011, 48 mins
Finnsurf peels back the fleecy layers on the lives of a handful of surfers from one of the world's most inhospitable surf locations and discovers just what drives them to paddle out into the Baltic Sea in water that is life threateningly frigid. This film is both touching and inspiring and will make the viewer re-evaluate just what it means to be a surfer.

European Premiere: Come Hell or High Water, Directed by Keith Malloy: USA, 2011, 35 mins
The hotly anticipated new release from Keith Malloy and Woodshed Films. Shot primarily on 16mm, this tribute to the art of bodysurfing explores the history and progression of the sport through its unique characters including Mark Cunningham, Jeff Jonson and Belinda Baggs, shot on location on the North Shore Hawaii, Teahupoo, Mentawais, The Wedge and more. "It's about taking a breath, and kicking your feet in the big blue sea," Keith Malloy
Followed by a Q+A with Director Keith Malloy

UK Premiere: Sight | Sound, Directed by Mikey DeTemple: USA, 2011, 42 mins
One of this year's most anticipated releases, this is a lovingly crafted ode to waveriding with breathtaking cinematography and stylish aesthetic set to an eclectic soundtrack. The film follows a band of visionary surfers including Chris Del Moro, Kassia Meador, Alek Parker and Ryan Burch as they journey from the crystalline Tropics to the snow-fringed waters of the northeastern seaboard, with the talented individuals doing what they do best on fishes, logs, planks of wood and hulls. A modern classic. 

Sight / Sound is part of a double bill screened with Bruce Brown

POV Shorts: Bruce Brown Directed by Chris Malloy: USA, 2011, 14 mins
Produced as part of The Surfers Journal POV Series and directed by Chris Malloy, this inspirational short follows Brown's conversation with Malloy as it moves from the early days of surf filmmaking through to speedway racing with Steve McQueen.

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