March Board Focus: Fourth, JS, Maluku and 7S


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Presenting our monthly round-up of some of the more interesting and popular surfboards in the MSW warehouse. Included in this outing are some old favourites, a couple of summer weapons and one of the most budget friendly longboard options we've ever stocked.

Maluku Sailboat

Make the most out of summer waves with a funboard like the Maluku Sailboat

Make the most out of summer waves with a funboard like the Maluku Sailboat

One of the main motivations for a new surfboard purchase is taking your surfing to the next level. Many of our customers are buying their second board after starting out on a mini-mal or foamy and they want something they are going to improve on that won't hold them back.

A funboard like the Maluku Sailboat offers a high wide point and low rocker for wave catching plus width for stability. If you're catching more waves and staying on your feet then you're going to progress quickly and we've been recommending the Sailboat to surfers wanting a quality board that's shaped in Cornwall and goes well in average waves. Experienced surfers going for the shorter lengths will get a fun summer wave board and second board buyers will love the boost in manoeuvrability they'll get over the longer boards.

Sizes available: 6.3 to 7ft

JS Ghetto Cat

Five fin plugs gives more options, allowing a thruster or quad setup.

Five fin plugs gives more options, allowing a thruster or quad setup.

If there's one thing that can draw a crowd in the MSW warehouse it's a delivery from JS Industries, even the programmers make an appearance when the tractor logo shows up. This time around the Ghetto Cat was the highlight. It's an all rounder in the same vein as the Doofer but with more volume packed in thanks to the curvier outline, it's available in one inch increments so you can dial in your personal magic volume.

JS boards are shipped into the UK from Australia a few times a year so the popular models can be hard to come by, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is enough to turn many people into die hard fans of the brand, once you've got one in your quiver you'll soon be making space for another.

Sizes available: 5.7 to 6.2ft

Fourth Doofer

The Doofer remains one of the most popular Fourth models with the team riders, MSW staff and customers alike, the range of surfers who are enjoying this board underlines it's status as a genuine one board quiver.

It's always been a favourite for travelling surfers who want to be sure they're going to be prepared for whatever conditions they find and this board has been tested from the Cliffs to Nias. But we've also had feedback from a lot of people who are getting a benefit from using it at home, riding one board in most conditions means you get to know it better, developing muscle memory until it's second nature to put the board where you want it to go without thinking.

Sizes available: 5.8 to 6.8ft and custom dimensions.

Torq Longboard

As a surfer you're inevitably going to be asked to take your landlocked friends and family out to the beach for a surf at some point, so having a beginner friendly board that can also fit into your quiver is an attractive idea.

© 2017 - Torq Surfboards

Torq make durable, good value surfboards, their 9'0" longboard offers the intermediate surfer a true small wave option and the opportunity to experience a completely different style of surfing, as well as being the perfect board to lend out to groms or beginners without worrying about it getting dinged.

Sizes available: 8ft and 9ft.

7S Super Fish 3 Carbon Vector

The 7S Super Fish 3 is also available in PE construction

The 7S Super Fish 3 is also available in PE construction

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The Super Fish range from 7S has been a hit with surfers dropping down from bigger boards wanting their first experience of a performance fish for quite some time. The Super Fish 3 has a similar template to the original models but sees subtle changes to the deck, bottom contours and rocker which promote wave catching and manoeuvrability – two cornerstones of progression. Paired with the lightweight carbon vector construction that's new for this year, you get a great looking, versatile step-down board.

Sizes available: 6 to 8ft

Visit our surfboard page to see the full range of stock and let us know in the comments if there's a surfboard there that you'd like to see highlighted in a future Board Focus.