Master and Apprentice: Bethany Hamilton and Erin Brooks

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Super grom Erin Brooks was nine-years-old when she first met her hero Bethany Hamilton. And now, they're both part of that formidable Rip Curl crew, Erin singing on eight or so months ago. Since then, the now teen phenom has been taken under Beth's wing -- and the results are remarkable.

Right here, the duo spend a few days at BSR's wonder park. Expect some superb barrel riding and dipping in to anything else that the surf resort throws up. “It’s almost like surfing in a skate park,” says 13-year-old Erin. “I love doing airs because they are so challenging. There are so many I want to learn but the one I want to learn the most right now is a ‘Kerrupt Flip’”

“I’m pumped for women’s surfing as a whole... [the progression is] what I’d expect with the next generation and the inspiration they have now. They are gonna rock it and have so much fun,” adds Bethany. Hit play above.