Mavericks Invitational Releases List of Official Invites

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THE Mavericks Invitational presented by GoPro has released the official list of competitors and alternates for the 2013-14 season and I am fortunate to have been invited. Seemed like a good time to sit down in front of a classic Mavs swell. You remember Shane Dorian getting barrelled?

UPDATE: A lot of people have been asking about the competitor selection for this Mavericks event and here's my take:

I think with six South Africans on the list we can be very happy with our numbers. Most of these events and specifically Mavericks will always be dominated by local surfers, or at least surfers who are there putting in the time and effort.

It's the nature of the wave that you need to put in time to master it. There are obvious exceptions to this rule, but generally, if you go to Mavericks and are a standout for a season then you will make the alternate list, and if you go back and do the same for another season or two then you will make the main event.

The list is made up from votes of your peers and its hard to argue with that, I feel the list this year is very strong and I would have only made a few minor adjustments.

One notable absence from the main list being Kelly, and for me, after watching him at Fiji this year I feel he is also the best big wave surfer in the world right now. At the same time if you don't surf Mavericks / The Bay / Jaws etc. regularly then you won't get the votes and this could have hurt guys like Kelly and Garrett.

Official press and invitees:

On just 24 hours notice this winter season, 24 big-wave surfers will make the trek to Half Moon Bay, California, to test their skill and vie for the title of Champion of the Mavericks Invitational. Competitors will face the dangerous elements of the frigid northern California waters in search of the perfect ride on massive waves.

This year’s list of nominees was determined by committee of five comprising Mavericks pioneer Jeff Clark, Big Wave World Tour founder Gary Linden, three-time Mavericks champion Darryl Virostko, and respected big wave surfers Greg Long and Shawn Dollar. The list of nominees was sent to last year’s competitors and alternates, who then voted for their top picks.

Contest organizers announced that the contest waiting period will open on November 1, 2013, and run through March 31, 2014. Organizers have secured the permit from the San Mateo County Harbor District for this year and through 2016.

“We’re all stoked to be back for another year,” said Clark. “The 2013-14 season looks promising, with a lot of positive changes made for the competitors and fans. The perfect contest day we’re looking for is typically a northwest groundswell between 18 and 20 feet (translating into waves faces of 30- to 40-feet).” The contestants receive the famous green light alert and have approximately 24 hours to arrive for the event.

The 24 competitors invited to the 2013/14 event are:

Ryan Augenstein (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant Baker (South Africa)
Chris Bertish (South Africa)
Carlos Burle (Brazil)
Kohl Christensen (Hawaii)
Ken Collins (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shawn Dollar (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shane Dorian (Hawaii)
Colin Dwyer (Pacifica, CA)
Nathan Fletcher (San Clemente, CA)
Tyler Fox (Aptos, CA)
Mark Healey (Hawaii)
Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz, CA)
Greg Long (San Clemente, CA)
Rusty Long (San Clemente, CA)
Alex Martins (Brazil)
Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, CA)
Ryan Seelbach (San Francisco, CA)
Jamie Sterling (Hawaii)
Anthony Tashnick (Santa Cruz, CA)
Grant Washburn (San Francisco, CA)
Dave Wassell (Hawaii)
Ben Wilkinson (Australia)
Zach Wormhoudt (Santa Cruz, CA)

The Alternates:

Shane Desmond (Santa Cruz, CA)
Danilo Couto (Brazil)
Derek Dunfee (San Diego, CA
Kelly Slater (Cocoa Beach, FL)
Tyler Smith (Santa Cruz, CA)
Frank Solomon (South Africa)

For more information, go to Mavericks Invitational Competitors