Mavericks: The Next Generation

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A new series focussing on the next generation of Maverick's chargers has just dropped and it may be the first time in quite a while that we've had a crew of tight-knit young guns who want to tackle Half Moon Bay.

The series called Mavericks: A New Perspective focuses on Luca Padua, Thomas Agramonte, Adam Bloomer,  Hunter Murison, Michael Joshua and Peter and Thomas Lundgard – all in front of the lens of Luca's brother, Dominic. Luca's may be a name you recall, Gmac has long tipped the youngster for big things out at Mavs, having showed him the ropes a few years back. And, isn't it refreshing to see a group like this keeping the spirit of the chase alive?

Enjoy episode 1 above and 2 below. Episode 3 will drop soon.

Cover shot: Luca deepest here by Frank Quirarte.