MEET: Gabriel Medina's 15-Year-Old Cousin May Be Set For a Spicy Future

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Gabriel Medina is the villain we love to hate (or, hate to love?) He is the marmite of our surfing bubble, the chalk to your cheese, or, the much-needed injection of fiery competitiveness needed to spicy up your WSL viewing. Of course, Medina ain't the only family member with surfing blood pumping through those stocky arms. Did you know the prodigal son has a 15-year-old cousin?

Allow us to introduce you to Rodrigo Saldanha from Maresias, Brazil. And, what d'ya think? Oh the edit's a bit janky and whatnot, but there's already that above the lip pop that Medina will stomp to oblivion ten out of ten times. You see the potential here? Spicy future or no?