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Here's a quick pop-quiz. What is your post-surf, wetsuit washout routine? Is it a) rinse through in the shower, b) hose it down c) meticulously wash every area of your prized rubber d) quick rinse at the beach-side shower or finally, e) leave it in a tub, wet, neglected, in the back of your car until you pull that sorry state on once again?

If you answered e) (guilty) then why do you think that is? Lack of time? Care? Not really fussed about slipping into a damp neoprene suit? Go through wetsuits at the rate of one a season? But what if you could eliminate most of the fuss about cleaning your wetsuit – through a handy invention that'll wash and hang dry your suit with minimum effort.

MasBully is a wetsuit hanger like no other on the market, because this handy piece of kit has a sprinkler/washer system built in. Get out of the water, throw wetsuit into aforementioned tub, scoot home, hang suit outside, connect MasBully to the hose, or shower head, turn on for 45 seconds, turn off, go about my day. It's that simple.

You see, the hose connects to a washing system inside the hanger, giving your suit a thorough going over, helping to get more longevity out of your rubber. Part of what makes MasBully so appealing is its simplicity, those little tweaks that could make it a worthy addition to your surf hardware. The hose snaps into place, the hanger is robust and ergonomically designed so it won't warp your suit into some twisted iteration.

Sometimes, it's the simplest of items that can add a whole lot to your experience. For instance, have you ever had the battery in your remote car key go? I know how that sounds but, opening a door manually when you're trying to load boards in the back of your car is extra hassle.

Not major, but enough to make you miss the former experience. It's a similar feeling with MasBully, a kind of luxury you don't know you need until you actually have it. And let's face it, if this means we all get an extra season out of our suits because we're rinsing them down correctly, then that's a worthy $120 spent. And for surf schools? There's a giant rail version too. Hang the suits on it, connect the hose and presto, you're washing a session's worth of suits in a few minutes.

Personally, I've been putting Bully through some testing for a while now. Here's the thing, I'm a habit gremlin. Suit stays in bucket in car until I remove it maybe once every few weeks. But having the Bully available has pretty much put an end to that. Oh sure, when there's places to be and I'm running late, it's back to the habit, but most times, my suit's now hanging from the Bully, either outside or over the shower. Which, to be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd go through such a shift in wetsuit care.

Anyway, we had a few questions about the product which we fired over to the MasBully team. Here's how it panned out.

Firstly, who are we speaking to and what’s your background? For some, owning and taking care of a wetsuit is simply; throw it in a bucket after surfing and there it stays until the next time you paddle out what made you decide to want to build this?
Maor Dayan, founder of MasBully: Bully's story started with the people who really needed one. We all work and live with wetsuits, as a water photographer, surf instructor, fisherman and a scuba diver, I used to clean wetsuits every Sunday for extra money in surf schools. We came up with this idea from a cold rainy day after I got pneumonia from giving four surf lessons a day.

Which meant, I needed to wash my wetsuit four times a day and, honestly, it was a pain in the ass. You're having fun, then for dessert, it was getting back into a wet wetsuit again. When the conditions outside are not that friendly, it soon starts to get less happy – dunking a suit in a bucket all that time...

The first day after the sickness, I came back home from a surf and photography session, happy but cold and tired. I was exhausted... I told my friend that I wish I had somebody that would wash my wetsuit for me...[laughs] I had a new wetsuit for my birthday. I want a a hot shower and a good meal, last thing I want is handle cold water again.

And, in that moment, it hit me - I got the last of my money and ran to build my first Bully. It was built with ugly pipes that I twisted and connected to a water hose but it worked. And I knew I needed to do something with that. We know there are so many people with the same problem so me. My best mate, Shlomi, my partner in crime, flew back home to make a patent and started building what you see right now, our Bully!

With a lot of help from people on the way, engineers around the globe, investors, copartners, friends and family, the first wetsuit washer came to life. A wetsuit washer that washes your wetsuit inside and out without you having to deal with cold water again. Finally, a place to put my wetsuit after use and let it have its own place of respect.

It even dries it faster for the next morning. After four years of hard work, working 24\7 and many sleepless nights, as dudes that come from the bottom, we are proud to present our Bully.

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Who is this for?
Bully is for people who do all water activities from kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and all water sports in general.

Doesn’t matter if you're a pro or a beginner, it’s a new solution to an old problem. I mean, it's 2019 and you're still using a bucket of water?

Yeah...sometimes no bucket at all! Talk us through how it all works?
Bully works with water flow that covers the wetsuit inside and outside with fresh water. The Bully is built with the diameters of an average Joe's shoulders so it should fit universally. It simulates the human body size to let in air and water flow.

And we're using recycled plastic, right now we are in contact with recycle companies that take plastic from the ocean. Soon all bullies will be made from recycled ocean plastic.

The last thing you want after you've warmed up out of the sea is to get cold again, while using a hose. Just place the bully anywhere next to a water hose, shower or garden, connect it up, open the water for 30-90 seconds, close it and let it dry. That's it.

And it’s pretty simple to use, was that part of the process, that it has to be easy?
Bully is your mate that does the dirty job for you when you're tired or just don’t want to deal with that after a fun session. We wanted to make something that you don’t need to deal with.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, this could be the difference between wetsuits lasting one season and two, three seasons – is it more about longevity?
Yes, Bully is preventing distortion, really. It helps maintain the shape and prolongs the lifespan of your wetsuit.

As water sports people, we know how many times you forget your wetsuit in the trunk of the car or leave it in a bag from the beach. That's no place for a wetsuit. The Bully hanger is designed specifically for a wetsuit, giving them a perfect fit.

Some people just forget to wash their suits out too. Having the Bully as a physical thing can help remind them it needs to be done.

And what’s in the name?
[laughs] Well, name is a childhood nick name, we're kind of trying to show that the name Bully can actually be good.

Today, we are working with the Rashi foundation that hires people with disabilities who work together with us. And also, we have a big bully, a wetsuit washer for facilities such as surf schools or scuba diving clubs, beaches and surf hotels, a machine that washes 15 wetsuits simultaneously with minimum water use. If you'll do the calculation, it's millions of gallons of water that's being saved.

So, it's kind of a play on the old stigma really. We are really trying to do good with this opportunity that has been given to us, we really want to make things different. And after traveling around the world, we know that Bully can be said in any language.

Integrated sprinkler system on the underside of the hanger hook.

Integrated sprinkler system on the underside of the hanger hook.

What feedback have you been getting?
We've had amazing feedback from scuba divers who are fixing boats and spend all day under the water with heavy equipment. They say washing a suit every day in a bucket was giving them back problems – guess the job didn't help with that either.

We even had professional athletes such as Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Alex Botelho that have fallen in love with the product idea. As big waves surfers, these guys eat and breath salt water and the wetsuit is their life saver and second skin. We collaborated and joined up with people to help promote environmental awareness.
We even sent some Bully hangers to freezing Iceland for Heidar logi to test them in the most extreme conditions on planet Earth.

The most usual comment we hear is: “You sure there hasn't been a wetsuit washer before?” We're sure this is the first of its kind. It just seems to make sense for all water users that you have a hanger which does all the work for you.

You can buy MasBully by going HERE.