Meet Weret: The First Premium Surf Watch Packed with Tech


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Partnered content. Cover shot of Weret ambassador Iain Campbell by Rosie Lombard.

If you're anything like us, you love technology. We don't just want to know when the surf's good, we want to know everything about it -- data points all over the world that feed us information 24/7. But sometimes, it's good to strip that back, have the info you need right in front of you, or, in this case, on your wrist. And if it just so happens to look great, well, then that's a bonus too.

Introducing Weret a surf watch with a difference. Here, you set your watches' preference, whether you're into waves, wind or just the weather, there's something here for all ocean enthusiasts. Say for example, you've set the watch to its waves theme via the accompanying app, the face of the watch will show you swell height, direction and what the tide's up to, which is perfect if you're sat in work, it's 4.50pm and you're counting down the seconds to burst out and into the water. A little turn of the wrist will give you the basic data you need to make the call.

Weret's powered by MSW and we've been pumped with how this sleek, modern design has come out

Here's what Weret say about it: "Weret is an analog smartwatch with real-time surf data by magicseaweed. Via the Weret app for Android and iOS, you control what the dials show 24/7 - swell height and direction or the wind speed and direction with a glance at your wrist. Tide, temperature, barometer, and other data are also available with just one click on the watch crown.

"Weret is made to last beyond the season, with timeless design, clean silhouettes, innovative techniques, and functional details. Combining the traditional Swiss movement and the modern Swedish design, it uses only the best materials and craftsmanship to enhance durability - perfect for a surfer's lifestyle."

Here, we tapped the company's founder Joel Rozada, who started the biz with his wife, Emma, to learn more about this wonderfully Swedish-produced delicacy.

First up, when the company started, was it with the intention of developing a surf watch?
We looked at the fashion industry and the watch industry, - you know, we're surfers, sailors - and we thought, 'a watch is more a piece of jewellery than a little computer.' Technology is changing how we consume things but it's not changing why we buy objects. So, yeah, we weren't interested in building a smartwatch, where you keep getting notifications all the time.

It brings a lot of emotions to people, a watch. It could be a memory of something. Look at the Rolex, people have one because it represents a memory, graduation, engagement. Same as buying a Porsche, a sports car. You can ask owners of these products and they'll say, 'yes, I bought this because I beat my cancer', or something similar.

And we're surfers, we like the elements, cold water. Here in Sweden, it's a bit more sailing than surfing but the core of the industry, the passion is the same. Sure, there's waves in Sweden; a lot of wind. So wind and kite surfing are quite big.

The reason you wear surfing brands is because you like the elements, the wind, salt water and you like the sport as well and we thought how can we connect an emotional thing with a piece of jewellery. We didn't want to have a product that measures how deep you dive or anything like that. We thought, what brings value to people is that they like the sport and they live with it. Most people surfing will have a family, a 9-5 job. We thought, how do we get the emotions of the sport to those people?

So we created a watch that connects to the sport that you know. And one we can show the wind, the swell direction. It's about triggering your memory about that spot.

Ian Campbell's an ambassador.

Ian Campbell's an ambassador.

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Yeah it's funny, because when I was testing the watch, the word theme came up a lot. Wind theme, wave theme; it's a bit more in touch with the elements, it feels warm in a way. Focussing on the experience. Was this the plan?
It was yeah, we wanted to stay away from the idea of a watch tracker. It becomes very data driven. With surfing, the reason people do it is because it's a time where you don't think about a lot of other things. It's a time you put work, worries out of your mind. You go, you surf and everything else can come later.

You can't bring much to the table that can compete with that experience. And we wanted a product that compliments the experience, not throws loads of data at you.

And what about when you're not at the beach? You'll want a watch like this one. Quick glance at the wrist and you're reminded that there's something out there. The watch is for your memory.

I mean, it's like buying a beach house. It gives you value all year round.

OK, so who, specifically is this for?
It's for people who have a family, live in the city centre, go to work everyday. But they still enjoy things outside of their daily life, surfing, sailing, running. Those who are really into surfing but who have a lot of other stuff going on in life.

Would you say it's a high end product?
It's a high end product, but not expensive. If it was an expensive watch, you'd need to add a few zeros to it. We didn't want to produce a product you buy, then throw it away. There are too many fast moving products on the market right now, people are consuming too much.

This is something you become attached to, we hope.

Joel, demonstrating the watch on his wrist.

Joel, demonstrating the watch on his wrist.

Let's say, you need to tweak something for the spots on the watch, are you releasing fixes and updates?
Oh yeah, [laughs] we're doing this all the time. The way we track waves with MSW is the same. If we find ways to improve the watch, we'll run that of course. But at the same time, even 20-years from now, the watch will work, the functionality will still work. We don't want it to be outdated in two, 10, 20 years.

Good ol' Swedish engineering! What would you say is the company ethos?
From one side it's the passion of a surfer – we want to bring out memories every day. From a tech side, technology is driven by features and access and data. We should use data to bring passions to life. But we spend too much time on Instagram and Tik Tok and people's attention spans are waning.

Ah yes, social media, the bastardisation of the attention span. Guess with the watch, it isn't about fast tech, it's a memory – right? A different ethos.
So, we're what, a slow tech company? [laughs] Slow pace, opposite to social media. Wonder if slow tech is a thing... going to need to Google that.

Yeah I guess that feeds into the ethos of surfing though, time slowing down. So what has the feedback been like about the watch?
People are wearing it, they like it. People are actually buying a watch even if they own a watch or even multiple watches. Watches are designed for different occasions, that's why they wear it..

Or, Weret...
Yeah, [laughs] it's a piece of jewellery. People are traveling but because they've got this watch, they can just track their destination surf spot as they go. But of course, there's very little of that at the moment because travel is limited. But we're excited to see what happens in the next year.

As a surfer, the benefit is I can look at this, at a glance, and know the swell size and direction then use MSW to compliment that, check the spectra, check the charts – but the watch is more than the surf on your wrist.
Exactly, with a quick glance, you're like 'ohh wow, gotta go surfing'. That's exactly it.

So what's the goal of Weret then, get it on everyone's wrist, or the wrist of the right people?
It's the right people over many people. We don't want to contribute to a lifestyle where people buy it, use it once then say, 'that was cool' and forget about it. Use it long-term. Hopefully they buy another one after years of use.

Maybe they buy one when they got their first job – but the watch is an emotional connection to something that's happened in their life, wrapped into surfing.

Look, it's not easy to build a unique watch. We didn't want to use plastics or materials like that, we wanted it to be a good looking watch for people who need it, or for people who want to know what the surf is doing right now. We wanted to build a watch that is sustainable, one that will be with you for years and doesn't harm the ocean. If that sounds right, then this is for you.

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