Mer & Sable 3/3 - Homage to France

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This is the third and final chapter of the "Mer & Sable" series. Dropping in the same week as the Roxy and Quik Pro double header this is one timely homage to France.

"Surf totally changed my life." Said Edouard Delpero "Originally heralding from Marseille I live now in the Basque Country and you will see in this clip the reasons I wouldn't change my life for anything. Thanks to all the people I've crossed paths with and got me where I am today. And a special thanks to all the people who were involved in this work.


• Fred Berho
• Yannick Loussouarn
• Pierre Denoyel
• Jean-François Sarda
• Pablo Ordas
• Arthur Bourbon

La Femme / Amour dans le Motu

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