Mexpipe's True Colours

KICKOFF for the Mexican Nationals is July 9th at the infamous Puerto Escondio/Mexpipe beachbreak. Needing no introduction this beach will break you if you're not careful. Holding your nationals here during peak swell season, compares very favourably to many nations who choose to hold national comps during the peak holiday/flat season. It also says a lot about the calibre of surfer expected to attend.

As the crowds begin to descend on the beach for tomorrow's anticipated start, hopefully they will be confronted with something looking similar to the above. Oscar Moncada, the first Mexican surfer to win entry to a Dream Tour event threads some monster Mexpipe barrels at the contest site.

Anticipated South Swell

We're predicting a solid swell which is hitting today to hold station throughout the competion's period. The peak swell and period has perhaps arrived just a day too early but there should still be overhead, clean swell for the majority of the contest.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley