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WATCH: Triptych Starring Mick Fanning

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There are many eras of Mick Fanning -- that's just what happens when you've had a career spanning three world titles and decades as a competitive apex. Here, director Vaughan Blakey rolls all that nuance into one, slick edit cut across 11 minutes.

“But my favorite era is happening right now," says Vaughan, in an interview with us recently. "I don’t think he’s ever surfed better, which is trippy. The only other person I can really think of who got better and better and better the further they got into their surfing life was Curren… That level of understanding and mastery that’s from another dimension.”

As for Mick’s intentions, aside from celebrating his longtime relationship with Reef, it was rather simple. “Mick was like: ‘I just want a surf section,'” said Vaughan. “‘I just want to have a real sick surf section.’”

Hit play above to see exactly that. Cover shot by Joli.