Mick Fanning's Blog

Mick: Well, my time at home has come to an end and I've gotta get back to work. I have been fairly busy though during the break between Tahiti and Brazil. Most of you would have seen the footage and photos of our super trip to the Mentawais. It was so insane and we had an epic crew which made it that much better.

Jordy's flip was crazy, Julian made a sushi roll, the grommets were pushing each other to new heights and being cheeky as shit along the way. The girls charged but my all time highlight was Tiago Pires on the dance floor. I'm pretty sure he's taken over as the funniest man on tour. Epic!

During my time at home I also worked on Red Bull Junior Surf Masters which kicked off last weekend with some strong performances. Congrats to David Vlugg of Narrabeen for taking out the first qualifying event. Check www.redbulljuniorsurfmasters.com.au for more details.

As well as all that stuff I did plenty of work in the gym training and also did some work on boards. So I feel fit and strong and my surfing is getting to a level I am happy with. I am super pumped for this leg because they're two events I enjoy and seem to go well at. My boards are great so I have got nothing to worrry about. Anyway, I'm going to finish packing but stay tuned for more updates on my personal site www.mickfanning.com.