Mick Fanning's Unicorn, The Most Desirable Right You've Ever Seen?

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Rip Curl claim this wave has only been surfed by four lucky souls. That it's five kilometres long, holds about six foot of swell and breaks 20 metres from the beach. It's every regular footer's dream, the closest thing to that reverse Skeleton Bay you've been fantasising about. But where is this slice of perfection that's been dubbed The Snake? Good luck finding out.

"When I got my first look at it I couldn't believe it was real," says Mick via Facebook. "I've done stacks of missions with Rip Curl on #thesearch but this tops them all. Riding this unicorn was one of the greatest feelings I've experienced as a surfer. I've got friends and family hounding me about the location of this gem… but I'll never tell!"

In the video Mick also says, "I'm coming back for sure," rather obviously, but given the fruits of his sabbatical, will he be coming back to the tour too? He'll need a damn good reason, that's for sure.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor