More Hercules Madness in the Canary Islands

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A swell such as Hercules provokes impromptu tow sessions at freakish spots which lie forgotten for much of the year. In the Canary Islands a motley crew of hellmen went slab searching and were rewarded with plenty of big blue caverns.

"Those SUP guys are crazy!" says Alexander Zirke, the surfer who negotiates the gaping keg at 00:20. "One of the guys is Daniel Bruch, a windsurfer who finished fourth in the world last year. The other one is Vilayta, a big wave surfer and my tow-in partner. Now he surfs always with an SUP. He is crazy, he only has this one SUP 7'6" for small waves, but he uses it with big waves too!"

Filmed by: Rayco Cano, Ale Betoret and German Pinelo
Edited by Rayco Cano