© 2023 - Vid by Amine Nader. Edit by Tom Vaughan.

WATCH: Frothy Moroccan Mutants for Season Opening Day

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A powerful storm the size of last week's North Atlantic bomb is rarely just for western Europe. Most of the time, the same storm will produce waves for North Africa too, setting off the leg-burning points of Morocco. And as it was forecast on Friday, waves materialised on the shores of the land of never-ending rights, officially opening the season for this special part of the world.

“Leading up to it, the wind kept switching,” said Yoni Klein, who has spent a good portion of time under this thick-lipped voluminous wave. “Decided to take the gamble and it was worth it. 6-8ft peeling perfectly.”

Live Cam: Anchor Point

It's a spot that looks oh-so-inviting, but the reality is stark. Theres's bottomless sections, the occasional tomahawk from a rogue board, an unforgiving lip that'll guillotine if you mis-time the section, and the drop is one that'll make you regret a few things if you hesitate for a split second. If it all goes well though, it's one of the most fun barrels along the country's 3,500km coastline.

“That was my first time surfing there,” said Laura Coviella, who flew in from the Canaries. “I was a bit frustrated with myself, really hard to finish a barrel, but good to feel it out and I know what to do next time. I waited three hours for a good one. This wave is so sick."

Also in town, Portugal's Miguel Blanco, who right as the session started probably bagged the barrel of the day. "Portugal wasn't looking so good this day and North Africa has been on my mind for some time. So it was time to pack up and check it out with my own eyes." We think it most certainly was!