MSW Photo of the Month: March 2018

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March was a huge month for the States. Five nor'easter swells tore across the right coast, generating all kinds of pumping setups. For those keen enough, it was prime beef served with all the trimmings – a bonafide kegfest, albeit sometimes incrdibly frosty.

So it's no wonder our inaugural Photo of the Month award is presented to one such session. But not where you may think. Although our photo uploads were peppered with dazzling shots from all across those weeks of pumping waves, there was one that stood out.

Clark Leonard (aka @Cwilyyy) captured this moment in South Floria during Winter Storm Riley, uploaded it the the MSW Photos section, earning the Photo of the Day reward. And now, Mr Leonard's copped a free MSW Pro account for this snap being named Photo of the Month. The benefits of Pro? Ad free webcams, 16-day forecasts and a range of other goodies.

Enjoy this image in full.

Enjoy this image in full.

© 2019 - @Cwilyyy

“This was taken from a high-rise across the street from the beach,” he says of this composure from Delray Beach. “I’d always wanted to take a shot from there but you’ve got to get a pretty sizeable swell to see it from that exact spot, which is difficult since we’re talking about South Florida not really known for their swells.

“Conditions wise, when I got up that morning it was dark but I could see white water from the 8th floor so I waited, and by the time the sun came up, it was absolutely bombing on the set waves.  I believe the buoy reading that morning was 12.5ft@18 sec.

“I came up with the shot idea by wanting to shoot something different in Florida, you see a lot of high-rise shots from Long Island, New Jersey... I wanted to show Florida has its moments as well.”

And it sure does have its moments. Got a few surf shots you want to see featured on the site? Or want to share a frame you're particularly stoked with. Head on over to PHOTOS, sign up, upload and you could be in with a chance to win next month's POTM and a free pro subscription. Or, it may even be featured as Photo of the Day.