MSW Photo of the Month: May 2018

Jason Lock

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Welcome to MSW's Photo of the Month competition, where we honour the best image that's been uploaded to the site over the past four weeks.

Right here, we've this example of some constructive interference, where two waves merge into each other forming a perfect peak. This nugget was captured by lensman Daniel Grebe who's earned himself a MSW pro account for the effort. Remember, to be in with a chance, upload your images HERE – they may just be Photo of the Day or win this monthly giveaway.

That image, in full frame.

That image, in full frame.

“We made a strike mission up the west coast to Elands Bay and a bit further up,” says Dan. “The forecast showed a solid 4-5m ground swell that was due to push up the coast.

“On the day we arrived the swell was still very small. The next morning Elands Bay was 2-3ft so we drove further up the coast to surf a few spots that could handle the smaller swell and then hoped by the evening the forecasted swell would have kicked in.

"When we arrived back to Elands in the evening the swell had jacked up to over head high with some double over head sets breaking out the back. I shot for hours and as the light started to fade I quickly sent my drone up to get a few wide shots of the line up. I had never seen the break from this angle and to watch these perfect triangular wedges march through stacked up one behind the other was insane!

“They’d run the whole way down the point perfectly. That evening topped the whole trip off for us.”