MSW's Top Wipeouts Redux

This shot was taken at a spot know as Minutes, from high up on the side of an eroding bluff. I don't know who the surfer is, but mad respect for being out there that day. He did get absolutely worked on this wave, props for the attempt. I would guess the swell that day was 10-12 foot fronts. Big enough, cold enough and hectic enough that I just shot photos whilst in my wetsuit. The lighting was simply overcast, which actually made it quite tough to shot that day. I would say that this was one of the bigger days last winter and it was entertaining to watch. Crazy wipeouts and insane rides that day.
Kyle Knight

Keiki's, Oahu

Brazilian pro bodyboarder, Bruno, just going balls to the wall at Keiki's next to Log Cabins on Oahu. There was no way out of these, just drop and bang. The cameraman was getting a good beating as well - I hope they got the shots.
Mark Brown


Ross Clarke-Jones, Verizon Wipe Out Award

The Verizon Wipeout Award went to Australian surfer Ross Clarke-Jones for a near life-ending battering at Pedra Branca, located off the Tasmanian coast. Just looking at it, it is a wonder that the frail human form can withstand such an impact. Awesome power.
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Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Surfing is Mike McGraw a gringo who's been living down here for over 20 years. Mike is married with two kids and his friend Rata who Mike snaked on this wave wasn't real happy about being snaked but according to Rata launching his board wasn't intentional, he slipped and said "Oop's, look out my friend". Mike went on to get two barrels out of this wave as it connected twice on the inside beach break and never knew how close he got to being knocked out.

I saw Mike as he got out of the water from this wave and told him "That was close" Mike said "Yea, Rata said he slipped and hoped his board didn't hit me" I opened my big mouth and told a few, maybe a lot, of people that Rata tried to hit Mike so now Mike tells me to walk like a man and tell Rata what I think so... when Rata came bye to say hola to Mike and I a day or two later of course Mike put me in the frying pan saying: "Okay Lonnie, tell Rata what you've been telling everyone else" I pussyed out and said: "What are you talking about Mike he slipped, hahaha"
Lonnie Caruthers

Lanzarote, El Quemao

The place is called El Quemao located in front of a village called La Santa in Northwest Lanzarote. It looks like a bad wipeout at one of the heaviest waves in Europe, a typical Canaries break with shallow lava reef and urchins which look just like Pipe. Interestingly this guy kept making the same mistake, time and again he was wiped out however he didn't mind was up and riding again with this actually being one of the smaller waves of the day.
Mike Prior

Puerto Escondido

[FLASH-mexpipe_wipeout 640:384::]
Will Dillon the stand-out surfer when Mexpipe gets big. These photos are not so clean as the spray in the air from the big waves were hard to shoot, well nearly or impossible to shoot through. Despite having three cameras going from three angles.
Lonnie Caruthers

Periscopes, Sumbawa

A solid, fun, but not epic day during my first surf trip to Indo, a place I honestly need to visit again ASAP. I had paddled for a previous one and did not take off, but I saw that it was a good one, not perfect but fun as hell. When the above wave came I was so frustrated because I had lost the previous one that I really didn't care I was too late, I just went for it and took that wipeout. It was awesome and really helped me remove that bad feeling inside - you know how it is! Caught some good ones after that.
Cesar Calejon

Oahu, Pipeline

January of this year in Oahu, Hawaii, during the championship of the HIC PRO where Flynn Novak had another impressive wipeout. The spill itself was amazing, arms everywhere, during one of the most gnarly days of the whole winter. I'm not sure who it was but he lived to fight another day and wasn't seriously hurt, so it is a happy story!
Nacho GarcĂ­a
Escuela Cantabra De Surf

Benny Richo bomb

[FLASH-BRS 640:398::]
SHIPPIES came alive earlier this week after long sleep, writes Stuart Gibson co-founder of TheCollective. A sneaky swell sat below Tassie caught everyone off guard except the local lads, James Holmer Cross, Jy Jo, Matt Kennedy, and the star of the show Benny Richo who marked his return from six months snowboarding in Canada in spectacular fashion - snagging the three biggest waves of his life. Have a good think about that... try not surfing for six months then getting whipped into three of the biggest waves you have ever laid eyes on. Above is one of his bombs, unfortunately he just got clipped under the exit sign.

England, Praa Sands

The shot was taken at a secret spot on the south coast of Cornwall. There was a big swell running on the north coast that day, but the strong northerlies made south coast shelter the only viable option for a clean wave. It was nice but didn't look that exciting at low tide as maybe 3ft of swell wrapped round, but as the day went on and the tide pushed up a wave would reflect sideways off the cliffs and meet the next one in the set creating a fantastic wedge that broke into very shallow water. There were about half a dozen local bodyboarders (no stand ups, it was a definite board breaker) all charging right into the mouth of this thing and having a great time and I have to say that to this day its still some of the most fun I've ever had behind the camera (I didn't fancy taking my longboard into that!)
Jason Swain

Gas Chambers, Oahu

Hawaii by the end of November is totally packed with locals, visitors and pros. It was a sunny day with good swell so everybody went out at the beach, especially the photographers on the shore, always! The Haleiwa and Sunset competitions were done, Pipeline wasn't working properly so everyone was sat on Rocky Left and Right. The girl in question was from California, strong, fearless and pretty, going for everything. That day she decided to move to a better place with more options to catch waves away from the crowd, so she paddled from Rockys to Gas Chambers, where it was a solid 6ft Hawaiian scale. She took a late drop and she was fortunate to get away with it as the reef was very shallow there. Maybe she was tired already, but yes, she ate it! Aloha!
Edwart Ramirez

New South Wales, Byron Bay

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Taken in March 2008 during a sunset surf at the Cape Byron point break in Byron Bay from a small wooden lookout tower. The surfer is an unknown local was having some trouble beating the closeouts on a pushing tide. The swell had been tiny for a few days, and everybody there was in a great mood after finally having something to surf after the Wreck and the beach break had failed to materialise all day. A great crowd had gathered on the rocks and the wooden tower just to chill out, enjoy the sunset, and watching the locals have a mess about on some fun waves. This wipeout got a great cheer, and the surfer came up grinning away with a fist in the air.
James Howe

Backdoor Pipe, Oahu

An unlucky dude going over the falls at perfect 4 to 6ft Backdoor Pipe after attempting a late drop. His reward was a broken board and walking away from it. The light was perfect, front-lit, early morning, what more could you want? Funnily enough that was the day some Canadian tourist thought he would take swim in this, nearly drowned, heart stopped and only resuscitated via CPR. Until you truly experience the power of the North Shore you will not truly respect it.
Mark Brown

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Taken at the point (La Punta) the south end of the Zicatela/Mexpipe's beachbreak. It was a small day and perfect for surfing lessons so 'Bubble Girl' as I call her was having a lesson and I got this shot. She did not actually wipe out, it just appears that way, she's only skimming the water and went on to stand up looking like a jelly fish on a stick.
Lonnie Caruthers

Pipe wipeouts 2008/09

All the best wipeouts from the 2008 season on the North Shore - not quite as funny when you think how shallow that reef really is.

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