Mullaghmore's First Winter Bundle

Not the prettiest its ever been, but certainly a wave worth waiting for, Mullaghmore struggled to shake off the excesses of the wind and pull something out of the bag for visitors from the Big Apple.

The New York big wave crew of Kurt Rist, Dylan Stott and Will Skudin met up with Peter Conroy, Ollie O’Flaherty, Neil Britton, Paul O'Kane, Pete Craig, Trav McCoy, Josh Mcrea and Barry Mottershead to tackle a tricky blustery day out at Mullaghmore Head in Ireland. A precipitous session full of steps and caverns.

I was buzzing off everyone and the epic friendly vibe we had going out there. A great start to the winter.Ollie O'Flaherty

These latter day Cuchulainns had to get up early to beat the weather. Often surfing at Mully means right in the eye of the storm, relying on the curve of a weather system to provide a brief window of wind heading in a vaguely southerly direction. No wind is rarer than sunshine around here. "We could see a few days off we had a small window super early on Sunday morning." Said Ollie O'Flaherty "We got there before dark and put the skis in and headed around the headland and the solid 30ft sets. It was stormy and heavy with some of the end sections shutting down but the odd big tube. Everybody got some bombs, Barry had a cracker and Kurt Rist really impressed out there. I was buzzing off everyone and the epic friendly vibe we had going out there. A great start to the winter."

*At midday on Sunday 27th the M4 buoy just off the coast here reported a maximum swell height of 44ft. In even better news there's more swell on the way.

The conditions didn't make anything easy, especially wobbling around on the back of ski clutching camera gear with gale force winds driving rain and spray in horizontal ropes. "I shot from the ski and it was pretty tough with the wind blowing right at me, amidst random squalls and chunky waves." Said photographer Christian Mcleod "Barry snagged the biggest of the day for sure."

"David Olsthoorn was recipient of some crappy luck. He spent the whole previous day shooting a wedding, and then immediately drove home to get his ski, flew up to Sligo for dawn, with no sleep, got out to the channel and had absolute terrible trouble with that hellish photograph killing wind, just like I did. I don't think he had a single shot worth keeping solely because of the wind and spray. Then he got back to shore and had to deal with a busted bearing on the ski trailer. After a couple of hours hanging around trying to fix it in his wetsuit with a couple of the other boys they got it working, and finally he was heading home. Unbelievably he managed to cop a flat tire near Galway and had to bail his Jetski. That has to be a rough trip for any photog to go through and fair play to him for keeping a smile on through the whole thing. Keep shooting Dave!"

*Sessions from this swell are eligible for The Winter Session. To enter send your edit via wetransfer to:

Ed Temperley

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