Natxo Gonzalez's Big Wave Quiver Decimated by Airline

Jason Lock

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Updated 73d ago

Is there no more terrible a feeling than unpacking boards after a long-haul flight and finding your prized quiver has been decimated?

Natxo Gonzalez, Basque Country warrior and big wave charger, is the latest hellman to have been at the mercy of an airline. Three of his guns have been snapped as he arrived in Santiago, prepping for a massive swell due to hit Chile soon. The culprit? Baggage handlers for Iberia.

Now, those guns are designed to take a flogging. An equipment failure when waves are kicking up to XXL could be the difference between life and death. To snap three, well that must have taken some doing.

“Arriving in Santiago de Chile for a massive swell and this is how the boards came out...” writes Natxo via his Insty. “Have you thrown them from a seventh floor?”

It's the latest in a long string of surfers voicing frustration at airlines through social media. Most recently? Alex Gray's American Airlines debacle went everywhere and he was eventually compensated for some of the loss. Prior to that, John John showed how jetBlue handle with care. Let's hope Iberia takes note and issues Natxo suitable recompense.