Nazare Challenge is ON for Saturday

Jason Lock

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Updated 997d ago

Here we go. Last year was pretty chaotic over in Portugal for the Nazare Challenge. This year, the forecast is looking bigger, windier and the WSL has just green lit the comp for Saturday.

Sure, it may get to the point on Saturday morning where organisers take one look at what Praia do Norte's throwing down and simply say, 'na'. Could be too wild. Too wooly. Too much of that liquid mountain to tackle. But as of right now, it's officially on. And does that excite?

“Gnarly call, I think,” says Tom Lowe when MSW asked him about the call. “Very windy and big. But, fuck, it's going to be nuts in the afternoon.”

Lowey isn't wrong. And he should know, the charger's put in a whole load of time at Nazare, honing and tweaking.

“We are excited about what we are seeing at Nazaré,” said Mike Parsons, WSL Big Wave Tour Commissioner. “We are calling the WSL Nazaré Challenge ON for this Saturday, February 10. With a solid swell coming from the NW, we are looking at around 9-to-12 feet of deepwater swell that will translate to 25-to-35 foot faces by mid-morning and potentially pushing 40 feet later in the day. There is potential that the winds might come up when we run, so we plan to start early in the morning and finish before it comes up too high.”

Why not check the forecast and webcam for Nazare by going right HERE.