Nazaré is Best at 4 to 6ft

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Stepping into winter, Nazaré is putting forward a particularly strong case for being the most exciting beachbreak on the planet. You'll be plenty familiar with the XXL antics going down there on a regular basis and in the absence of a huge swell, its capabilities are equally captivating.

"This session was between two big swells," tells filmmaker Pedro Miranda. "On that specific day most of the Portuguese coast was flat and there were really no alternatives for action."

One time he even jumped from a cliff because we thought it would give a nice drone shot. It sucked.

About 100 miles north, the crew were sat twiddling their thumbs, faced with a flat ocean. A call from photographer Hélio António in Nazaré however convinced them to venture in his direction. That afternoon barrels were ridden.

"People were going crazy, he was making so many barrels all day 'til long after sunset," continues Pedro. "It was quite a show on the beach, they even wrote an article in the Portuguese surf media calling that day The Saint Boonman Day. The kid is a rising star, gaining a real strong reputation as a tube rider.

"We've been working with him for a while now, mostly doing experimental drone angles and exploring possibilities from the air during his free surf sessions. He's the kind of guy that is always up for a challenge and we like that, one time he even jumped from a cliff because we thought it would give a nice drone shot... It sucked."

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