Nazaré Live and Kicking

Europe's most intimidating beachbreak was roused from slumber last week to the exultation of local chargers and wandering pros. As the World Tour surfers filtered into Portugal ahead of the Rip Curl Pro, a solid swell surged through the Nazare Canyon, unloading in the form of double-to-triple overhead chasmal pits. Two memorable days of surfing transpired, with each session broadcast live for the big-wave loving world to gorge upon.

On the first day the local contingent were joined by the likes of Slater, CJ Hobgood, Eric Rebiere, Miguel Pupo, Alejo Muniz, Filipe Toledo and Adriano de Souza, all eager to squeeze in some size ahead of a less-than-promising Supertubos forecast. On the second day, the swell dropped and the 'CT boys rushed south for round 1, leaving a less nomadic crowd to take their fill.

At no point did the surf resemble the mountainous walls ridden by McNamara during winters past, but it did highlight Nazare's class and swell magnifying qualities, while whetting the appetites of those anticipating the Atlantic winter.

Struan Gray

Writer and Content Manager