Nazare To Go on Saturday?

Jason Lock

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Updated 348d ago

Europe's favourite big wave behemoth Nazare looks set to rumble to life on the weekend – sparking the WSL to cautiously put the Nazare Challenge on yellow alert for Saturday.

This will mark the second time a big wave event has run at Nazare. Last year the inaugural competition was won by Jamie Mitchell. A yellow alert is issued when a big wave event could be called on.

This pulse of swell heading into Nazare on Saturday.

This pulse of swell heading into Nazare on Saturday.

Now, it's a waiting game while forecasters keep an eye on the numbers lining up for Praia do Norte. As of today, the swell looks to peak at 12ft@16secs and pulsing in from the north west, coupled with gentle northerly winds. Last year, the event was held on a 9.5ft@16secs swell from the WNW with those gentle northerly winds.

You'll recall last year? Chunky and gnarly, a couple of injuries – but certainly entertaining. We'll keep you posted as, or when, the event is fully green lit.

Cover shot: Sebastian Steudtner on a Nazare bomb by Helio Antonio