Nazare too Dangerous for WSL Competition, Says Twiggy

Jason Lock

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Portugal's big wave phenomenon Nazare erupted yesterday for the inaugural WSL competition. There were injuries, four, to be exact, reports of at least one surfer in hospital and Damien Hobgood almost took a jet ski to the head.

Now, Grant ''Twiggy'' Baker, ex-WSL Big Wave Tour champion has spoken out about the event via Instagram saying the ''..dangers involved far outweigh the rewards''. Twig's a bonafide hellman and is currently in the boxseat to win his next world title, unafraid to send it in XXL waves, so when he speaks out, it's time to listen.

The post reads: ''Yesterday was pretty unique in my surfing life, riding a 20ft double up shore break where you have to catch 2 waves in an hour for a @wsl event was insane. Nazare as a wave is a phenom, as challenging and beautiful as any big wave I've surfed but the dangers involved seem to outweigh the rewards.

''Those 20-30 minutes during each heat, on the back of a ski, holding on with all your strength while jumping 10ft foamies, were some of the most terrifying experiences of my life and something I can't see myself repeating? Deservingly @jamie_mitcho the maddest dog won and hoping all the guys with injuries recover soon. #riskvsreward''

You'll recall the carnage from yesterday – Koa Rothman doesn't think he'll surf it again. Tom Butler got clipped early on and Damo's likely reeling from his near miss with a ski. It's a bit of an understatement to say Nazare's a dangerous, shifting wave – almost a quarter of competitors had some form of injury.

Cover shot, Twiggy at Nazare yesterday by WSL