New iPhone App Released

AT MAGICSEAWEED we would like to announce the public release of our 2nd generation mobile app. Building on the success of our previous iPhone app we've spent a long time listening to our users and have, we hope, developed a significantly improved product. The new version has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on current local conditions so you know what's going on and where at spots local to you.


? 7 Day forecast.
? Live Spot-by-Spot Conditions and Tide Count Down (i.e. 2 hours to low tide).
? Swell, Wind, Period and Pressure charts.
? 7 Day Tide Curves.
? Live Wave Buoy Data.
? Live Wind Station Data.
? Live Eyeball Surf Reports.
? MSW Editorial Features.
? Favourite Spots.
? Superb Surf Specific Photo Gallery.
? Surf Spot/Beach Local Business Directory.

You can get it right HERE.

MSW Mobile Pro

We've introduced a MSW Mobile Pro in-app payment, which gets you a bundle of great features including:

? 10 Day Forecast.
? 10 Day Tide Curves.
? Forecast Probability.
? Multi-Swell.
? Wind Gusts.
? Wind Chill.

By purchasing MSW Mobile Pro you're helping to support the development of this iPhone app and at £1.79 its a bargain.

Beyond the forecasting you can now access all our latest surf photos and editorial features. We've brought this great content from the site into our new app so you can get everything on the move. The app contains most of the essential features of the site and even some exclusive ones.

Hold Tight Android Users

Our first official Android app is currently in public beta and will be released on the marketplace very soon for everyone to enjoy. It will include every single feature the iPhone app has and look identical.

For the latest updates on our mobile effort keep and eye on our Facebook fan page:

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley