New Surf Festival on the Way to Ireland


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A fresh surf festival for Ireland is on the cards for next year, celebrating all things the Emerald Isle will dish out including a competition for Wave of the Winter, biggest wave ridden (Tonn Mor) ride of the year, wipeout of the year and a short film comp.

The Doolin Surf Festival is a three day event with film screenings, live bands, Djs, guest speakers and more. For the competitions, all waves must have been ridden between now and March 2019.
The festival will take place in Hotel Doolin from March 22-24 and is supported by O’Hara’s Irish Beer, magicseaweed and Blue Soup. For years, it's been well known that the Irish are some of the hardest charging, cold water warriors on the face of the planet, so to have a Big Wave Awards style event to reward those who send it over the lip (or under, for that matter) is perfect.

Events manager Paul Coote said: “The idea behind the festival is to showcase local surfers, shapers, photographers, videographers and food suppliers with a special focus on the future and reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.

“Our aim is to showcase all that is good about surfing in our local area for people who love the sea as much as we do. The surf industry contributes so much to the economy in North Clare, we feel this deserves to be recognised and celebrated and hopefully this annual event will highlight this. The festival also aims to support the West Coast Surf Club and The Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club. This festival will encompass all facets of surfing in Ireland including surfing, body boarding, windsurfing and kite-surfing.”

© 2019 - Conor Flanagan

Competitions director Clem McInerney said: “It’s really great to be apart of such a fun event. I’m particularly excited for the ‘Tonn Mor’ and ‘Wave of the winter’ competitions. Ireland has never really had a competition like this before where surfers and body boarders are going to be duking it out. I’m looking forward to watching what this mad bunch can produce.”

Doolin Surf Festival will be making contributions to Ireland's West Coast Surf Club and the Tow Surf Rescue Club in the hope to help advance the clubs and keep surfing thriving in the area. Ollie O Flaherty from the the West Coast surf club added: “It’s a great gesture from the Doolin Surf Festival to the West Coast surf Club. We have some really amazing groms in the area that are completely addicted to the sport already and our club aims to help them keep that stoke! This event is a great chance to showcase Irelands surfing talent locally and nationally.”

© 2019 - Conor Flanagan

Peter Conroy of the Irish Tow surf rescue club said: “It’s brilliant to see an event like this coming to County Clare. Home to many of the countries heaviest waves and surfers. I cant wait to watch the aquatic films on the big screen and listen and learn with all the speakers in the event. We need something like this to get us out of our winter huddles and socialising with the outside world! Lets hope the winter produces some crazy big storms so we can showcase what we get up too.”

The festival comes after the much-loved Shore Shots, based in Sligo, decided to call it a night. For more information and how to enter your edits, gand for tickets, go HERE