New Wavegarden Planned for Devon is a Myth

Ed Temperley

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Updated 1233d ago

A Wavegarden type wave is planned for a sleepy corner of the Devon countryside, just off Junction 27 of the M5 near Tiverton. Well that's what has been reported, but it might not be quite so simple.

Whilst the developers might well be keen on this plan the The Wave: Bristol holds the exclusive licence for the technology in the South West and we have been informed that there is no way this plan is going ahead with Wavegarden technology, as reported yesterday.

The owners of the Wavegarden technology have said: "Regarding the latest news about a new Wavegarden project in Devon we want to clarify that we work exclusively with The Wave team in this region and they have not decided to deliver a project at this location."

In other words you will definitely have to head to Bristol for your artificial wave fix in 2015.

Ed Temperley

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