Nias: Cement 'Pouring Like Crazy' All Over Hallowed Reef

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A few weeks back, we reported on the disaster happening over at Nias – right on top of one of the world's most treasured right handers at Lagundri Bay. And if that article (HERE) hadn't already set alarm bells off, then the latest is going to bring the whole house down.

Our source on the ground fired over the latest last night, the reef is now a mess of rocks and cement, pouring it all over the reef “like crazy.” The plans to build a new road have gone from being afraid of what could happen to the worst case scenario beginning to play out. The impact is of course, that the building works will ruin the reef and destroy one of the best waves on the planet.

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“Man, it's so fucked in Nias,” relays our on-the-ground informant. “There really is no other way of putting it.

“They started with the small section they originally talked about. The reef is a mess of rocks and cement and now some sticky red dirt. They have been pouring cement all over the reef like crazy.

This is now under threat.

“It's already very dangerous at high tide for surfers to come in from the surf. There is a tall pile of rocks right where most people come in. At high tide, water is washing around those rocks and surfers have no where to go. They must walk quite a ways along the rocks over sharp reef in order to get to an area where they can climb over some lower rocks.

“They have trucks driving right out over the reef dumping more rocks and dirt each day. That was horrible enough, but they have now started working on another large section of the beach. They are dumping more rocks up the other end, in the keyhole area.

“They are coming way too far out on the reef in an area that has the most potential to create backwash when there is larger swell. This is clearly a lot more people involved than just local government.

“They have brought in huge machines that we have never seen on Nias Island before. They have a cement truck out on the reef. There is a huge excavator machine next to it. They have been pumping out huge blocks of cement. They have them all lined up temporarily as they continue to make more. No one knows what their plan is for them. It is a complete disaster.

“Yesterday there was a big group of top government people coming in to check out the work. Professor Yassona Laoly was one of them. He is the Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia and first Nias person to hold a cabinet position. While visiting the construction site at Sorake, a surf tourist walked straight up to him and said "The whole world is saying don't build this. All the surfers. Because if you ruin this wave, no more tourism.

"We have started an online petition to hopefully get as many signatures and comments as possible. The WSL WQS contest will begin Sept 10 and all the top government officials will be here for it. We plan to get all the surfers together and make our message clear, keep the reef natural.”

To sign the petition, go HERE.