Nic Von Rupp Gets Barrelled at Big Ol' Nazare

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Barrels at big ol' Nazare sure are rare. Remember Natxo Gonzalez's wave almost exactly three-years-ago? That thing made our hair stand on end. But now, during Europe's swell of the season so far, Mr Nic Von Rupp pulled into an absolute barrelling beast last week and lived to tell the tale.

Sounds dramatic? That's because Nazare is drama! It is liquid carnage and all the rest. “Last week was insane at Nazare, back-to-back swells in the 20-30ft range, we thought we were going to tow but it ended up being an all paddle swell with some big barrels in the mix,” said Von Froth.

“My dream has been to get barrelled on a huge Nazare wave, this day everything seemed right. 15-20ft swell unfolding.

“This wave was one of the first in the morning. I paddled into it, saw it wedging and knew it was the one I was looking for. I managed to get my 10'4”   gun under the lip and finally got that tunnel vision I was looking for years.” You see! Isn't that drama? Hit play above for 10 minutes of adrenaline.