Noa Mizuno: 'I Scored Pumping Morocco While Home in Hawaii Was All-Time, But No FOMO'

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As you know, Morocco's been packed with golden moments recently – due to this North Atlantic swell that has been lighting up Europe and beyond. As we were clicking back through images of Morocco's endless points, we noticed Noz Mizuno was in the mix – the Hawaiian having made the trip over to west Africa a little while back.

But that did make us raise an eyebrow. You see, on the same weekend Morocco was going off, Hawaii was about to see one of the best swells of the season so far rifle into the islands and set off Pipeline, for days of back-to-back sessions the likes of which we don't get to see all that often.

With that in mind, we hit up Mr Mizuno to see what the score was here – if he had any FOMO about missing that Hawaii session and if Morocco was good enough that it didn't even matter (hint just look at the cover image; it was, and then some).

First up, what drew you to Morocco for this swell? It was pumping in Hawaii as well...
It was all pretty simple for me, I got a call from a few friends over here and then boom, I book a flight and pull the trigger. I don’t anticipate the future too much. It either happens or it doesn’t. 
I had been at home for almost a year and a half so I was elated to get the call. Being at the airport was a trip until the plane starting taking off and then I realised this is exactly where I want to be.

That's a decent way to live but seeing the pics coming out of Hawaii, did you feel a sense of FOMO?
It’s awesome to see the boys scoring back at home. But I am just grateful to be here and to even get to surf waves like this is something else for me. No FOMO issues here at all.

Talk us through this Morocco swell – it was pretty insane. What’s the vibe like in the water?
It was insane to say at the least. Referring back to when I decided to come, I didn’t even know there was a swell like this on the radar. I had booked my flight and the night before I left, Othmane Choufani had told me the swell of the season was coming. I didn’t even know there was a swell like this on the radar

Just something about this country, I swear it all is about your energy. You can feel it out in the water, it’s very obvious. Vibes were amazing. A few local boys holding it down but managed to get some fun ones. 



© 2021 - Amine Nader

I guess, if you want uncrowded waves, it’s kinda the place to go, so many hidden gems across the coastline.
It’s true. It may be more uncrowded then any other place in the world. But in perspective, I got lucky. I’ve heard stories of people flying across the world and not getting waves...

Yeah that happens...And for right hand points, it’s hard to find a better place to surf – what did you make of the waves compared to home?
I mean, just on a world scale? I feel like I’ve been to a quite a few places and this was something else. 

What boards were you riding and how did that differ from Hawaii?
Didn’t differ too much. I brought all my fun boards and sort of realised I was a bit under gunned when it started getting crazy. But I made it work, and it turned out well. I was riding a 5’7” round pin mayhem, I think it was Taj’s old one that was too thick for him. 

How long are you sticking it in Morocco for?
No ticket back. I guess we are gonna just have to wait and see.

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And you’ve been hanging with Natxo and Ramzi? Or just meet them by coincidence?
Pretty coincidental. I had really no gauge of who was going to be there or not. Ramzi is my good friend, he had showed up to the same place I had been staying at the night before. Naxto, I saw down at the beach in the morning of the first day, frothing as usual. Such a great guy. Great crew for sure.

What was your mindset coming into this trip?
Same as for every journey. Be quick, but do not rush. Connect with people, old and new. Indulge in the culture. Respect. And scoring is only the cherry on top. This is the way.

Cover shot by @thechristianedwards