Northern Sumatra's Hidden Jewels

Northern Sumatra is home to some of the most remote and unexplored breaks in surfing. There's no easy way in, and the breaks are plentiful.

This photo set from Aura Surf Resort shows the type of conditions that await the soul who makes it up there. One of those lucky photogs is Ryan Williams who dedicates a few months of the year to this location and plays his cards close to his chest.

"I have about 20 secret waves up there that no one knows about." He told us "A well known mag came close to finding a few of them last year, I saw them in their boat so I turned around and went back to the mainland so they couldn't follow me.

"Surpisingly the beachies are actually really fun, theres some sick hidden beachies up here. We've got one I call the Sumatran Straddie (not pictured), it's a bit more fickle, but on it's day, just as good."

Jim Houghton

Editor at Magicseaweed