November's Winter Session Winners

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Congratulations Jeremy Flores and Noah Lane

After much deliberation, we have crowned Jeremy Flores and Noah Lane as our highly anticipated November Winter Session Winners, which we will of course see again in our grand final at the end of the winter. They'll get Nixon watches amongst other goodies.

It certainly wasn't easy, the opening month displayed an unbelievable level of competition, but these were the two edits that came out on top.

Jeremy Flores was always going to be hard to beat, so probably not at all surprising, you'll be seeing Mr Flores again at the end of winter. Yeah we hear you, support the underdog and all that, but this is a pretty darn good display of surfing ability and this is a surfing competition after all. France literally looked like Pipeline during this session. 10 solid pits sandwiched by a couple of empties, one or two lifestyle shots and even a touch of nudity would always tip it for the judges.

Noah Lane's handful of threaded Irish tubes are what The Winter Session is all about. Out of the spotlight, cold water tubes, away from the crowds and away from the hype. This wave is so good, it could compete with almost anywhere in the world.

"There was a lot of hype around Mully in the morning and there were a few bombs on day break, but the swell wasn't quite what everyone thought it was going to be," said Noah. "I watched Ferg get a nuts paddle one, but the tide was pushing so I bailed down the road. I surfed with one other mate at this spot for about an hour before anyone else even paddled out."

A huge thank you to everyone that entered this month. Stay tuned for the announcement of this month's winners of each category.

If November was anything to go by, we've got a hell of a winter ahead of us and we can't wait to see what you get up to in the months ahead.

December is now underway, so to be in with a chance of winning in this months group, send your 90 second edit via to: and we'll do the rest.

The Winter Session 2014/15 won by Jeremy Flores

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