Nti Sheeto

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Nti Sheeto (Knee-sheet-o) is a surf film illustrating the contrast between the psychedelic and magical natural wonders of Indonesia with the surreal and demented trappings of its darker night time street culture. We love Indonesia for all that it is, and this is Dion Agius' film opus to the region. Starring Ozzie Wright, Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Thom Pringle and Warren Smith.

Filmed during two weeks in June 2013 the crew were fortunate to stumble across a decent swell during what has been an average Indo season. "The surf was amazing, we got super lucky and timed it perfectly with a long swell which we followed from Bali across to Sumbawa." Said Dion "I wanted to showcase the lighter and darker sides of Indonesia, the beauty and the ugly, and use the act of taking mushrooms as a metaphor for the extreme highs and lows that one can experience in Indonesia. Much like an amazing, or terrifying, mushroom trip.

Over the years mushroom availability has increased dramatically in the tourist areas and not being particularly fickle about where they come from, when asked to recommend an establishment, Dion replied, "I'm not sure about the best spot, they seem to be on every other corner over there. It's crazy that its legal. But there's some place down by the beach that seems pretty good..."