Who Will be Oakley's Captain of Cornwall?


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Updated 1227d ago

Oakley have launched a brand new invitational surf event, the Oakley Captain of Cornwall, set to land this summer at Fistral Beach 26-27th July 2014.

This brand new invitational event will bring the most decorated surfing skippers from across the UK for a weekend of surfing and shenanigans. Wave-riding captains will convene at the secret smugglers cove known as North Fistral Beach, Newquay, to determine who rules the waves, and who gets keel-hauled for insubordination.

The 32 man field will feature the sharpest 31 surfers in Cornwall, as well as Captain Choc Ice aka Chris Owen, from Surfing Life in Newquay. Cap'n Choc Ice said, "Shiver me timbers landlubbers! When these able seamen hit Fistral Beach it'll be like getting a hundred lashes from the Cat o' Nine tails! That's how hard the boys are shredding."

Of course, no captain's table would be complete without proper refreshments, in this case laid on over the weekend by the Cornwall Cider Co. with their new Apple Slayer Cider. There will be plenty of Oakley swag up for grabs, with the event winner filling his hold with an Oakley sponsor pack worth £500! First call 7.30am Saturday 26th July. Prepare to be boarded!

For more news, photos, videos and updates check out the Oakley Captain of Cornwall Facebook