Oakley World Pro Junior

CANGGU, Bali/Indonesia (Saturday, October 2nd, 2010) - The Oakley ASP World Pro Junior is on, with Round 1 of the Pro Junior women's commencing in peaky 2-3ft waves at Canggu, Bali today.

The opening day of the US$95,000 Oakley ASP World Pro Junior having extra significance, signalling the start of event no.1 on the inaugural ASP World Junior Tour (WJT).

As a blessing to the event, the field of 48 men and 18 women were greeted to a traditional Balinese ceremony before competition got underway at 8am.

Contest organisers have also opted to place Round 1 of the Pro Junior men's on standby.

"We've got quite good contestable waves, a favourable tide, and the winds are looking good for the day. We'll see what we get after the completion of the women's and evaluate whether we put the men's division in the water," said ASP Event Head Judge, Glen Elliott.

Battling it out in the first heat was Pauline Ado (FRA), Alizee Arnaud (FRA) and Nao Omura (JPN).

The Oakley ASP World Pro Junior will be webcast LIVE via www.oakleyprojunior.com

For more information, log onto www.aspworldtour.com

Heat 1:Brendon Gibbens (ZAF), Alex Smith (HAW), Jack Freestone (AUS)
Heat 2: Shaun Joubert (ZAF), Peterson Crisanto (BRA), Keanu Asing (HAW)
Heat 3: Caio Ibelli (BRA), Tyler Newton (USA), Mitch Crews (AUS)
Heat 4: Kiron Jabour (HAW), Chris Salisbury (AUS), Conner Coffin (USA)
Heat 5: Maxime Huscenot (FRA), Guillermo Satt (CHL), Enrique Ariitu (PYF)
Heat 6: Nat Young (USA), Dean Bowen (AUS), Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR)
Heat 7: Miguel Pupo (BRA), Jesse Mendes (BRA), Takumi Nakamura (JPN)
Heat 8: Alejo Muniz (BRA), Krystian Kymerson (BRA), TBC
Heat 9: Marc Lacomare (FRA), Charles Martin (GLP), Keala Naihe (HAW)
Heat 10: Granger Larsen (HAW), Dale Staples (ZAF), Tom Cloarec (FRA)
Heat 11: Davey Cathels (AUS), Luke Davis (USA), Kaimana Jaquias (HAW)
Heat 12: Beyrick De Vries (ZAF), Felipe Jervis (PRT), Hiroto Arai (JPN)
Heat 13: Kolohe Andino (USA), Albee Layer (HAW), Andrew Doheny (USA)
Heat 14: Chad Du Toit (ZAF), Kaito Ohashi (JPN), Evan Thompson (USA)
Heat 15: Nic Von Rupp (DEU), Ryan Callinan (AUS), Kento Takahashi (JPN)
Heat 16: Evan Geiselman (USA), Ty Watson (AUS), Arashi Kato (JPN)

Heat 1:Pauline Ado (FRA), Alizee Arnaud (FRA), Nao Omura (JPN)
Heat 2: Sage Erickson (USA), Chantelle Rautenback (ZAF), Alessa Quizon (HAW)
Heat 3: Laura Enever (AUS), Lakey Peterson (USA), Minato Takahashi (JPN)
Heat 4: Courtney Conlogue (USA), Airini Mason (NZL), Camila Cassia (BRA)
Heat 5: Tyler Wright (AUS), Leila Hurst (HAW), Diana Cristina (BRA)
Heat 6: Bianca Buitendag (ZAF), Felicity Palmateer (AUS), Malia Manuel (HAW)

- Oakley ASP World Pro Junior, Bali/Indonesia - October 2 - 13, 2010
- Billabong ASP World Junior Championships, Australia - January 8 - 16, 2011

2009:Maxime Huscenot (REU), Laura Enever (AUS)
2008: Kai Barger (HAW), Pauline Ado (FRA)
2007: Pablo Paulino (BRA), Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS)
2006: Jordy Smith (ZAF), Nicola Atherton (AUS)
2005: Kekoa Bacalso (HAW), Jessi Miley-Dyer (AUS)
2004: Pablo Paulino (BRA)
2003: Adriano de Souza (BRA)
2002: N/A
2001: Joel Parkinson (AUS)
2000: Pedro Henrique (BRA)
1999: Joel Parkinson (AUS)
1998: Andy Irons (HAW)