On the Way to Todos Santos

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Whilst the Mavericks Invitational and Twig Baker were wowing the online world, Todos Santos was playing host to a groups of savvy chargers.

Featuring: Dane Reynolds (start of the road trip), Benjamin Sanchis, Alain Riou, Carlos Coco Nogales, Garth Englehorn, Felipe Cesarano, Andy Carter,Tom Lowe, Andres Flores and Toby Cunnigham.

"On the boat ride out we were followed by a pod of dolphins. A good omen in my eyes." Tom Lowe told us "There were 20ft on sets that evening, and guess who I bump into? None other than my old slab buddy Sancho. I was stoked to surf with him and Alan Riou they both charged hard, sitting deeper than anyone. We shared plenty of bombs, the vibes were cool and we were just feeling the wave out and pushing one another. That first surf out there was so special for me. The next day was super dreamy, sunny, glassy, just the Todos day you would imagine. It pumped from dawn till dusk."

Filmed and Edited by Pietro Franca
Music: The Growlers – Drinkin the Juice Blues & Hashima and Night Beats – Hex