In flawless 4-5 foot barreling Lance’s Right, Sumbawa’s Oney Anwer bested Bali’s Garut Widiarta to claim victory.

One Mentawai Day

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This exclusive edit of the final day of the Rip Curl Pro Mentawai is worth watching simply for the waves alone. If you stripped off the rash vests you'd have a free-riding barrel masterclass.

“To win this event is so important to me. I’m from Indonesia, and for Rip Curl Asia to put on this event in the Mentawais, in Indo, at one of the best rights in the world, and to win it, is a dream come true. Thank you to all the people of Katiet and the Mentawais for letting us come here and surf their beautiful waves. I can’t wait to come back next year!” Said a stoked Oney Anwer, glad to be skinned in the white rashie.