One Ridiculous Moroccan Drainer with Mark Egor Harris

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You may have seen a few waves from Morocco over the past few days, but this from Mark Egor Harris is worthy of a few moments of your time.

Lensman Seth Hughes caught this from Egor, who's making the rounds as part of the Endless Winter II (see HERE for details) – a soon to drop movie that sees Mark sampling the best setups in Europe and Morocco, talking and surfing with the locals stars at each spot.

And to make the above drainer a little bit sweeter, Egor hadn't surfed this wave in around two decades. Talk about redemption. Deep and committed is what we love seeing coming out of Morocco.

Mark tells us: ''The last time I surfed this wave was 21-years-ago on a Quiksilver training camp and I was a shy 14 year old grommet with neither the experience, skill or balls to surf the wave to its potential.

''For a while now I had been keen to try and score a swell at this fickle spot and tick it off the bucket list. I knew just one wave here could be a very memorable one.

''After a trip for the Endless Winter II to Taghazout on the last big swell two weeks before, this big swell arrived and it really felt like the last roll of the dice to score something special for this season perhaps, before summer.

''We travelled the day before the swell and everything was going smooth before we landed in Morocco. All our boards were still in London, the hire car company had no car for us and after sorting a new vehicle, google maps took us on a tiny direct road in the dark full of potholes for four hours instead of two hours on a smooth motorway. We were having a shocker but started to laugh and just roll with it, our cards had been dealt.

''Luckily Richie's friend Mehdi stayed up for us with a warm welcome and reassured us saying not to worry, he had boards and wetsuits to borrow in his garage and the swell was arriving. A great guy who saved the trip for us.

''The next morning we picked up boards and wetsuits form Mehdi's garage and the swell looked really good. I was kindly lent a 7'3 JS which paddled really well but felt a little too long on the wave and in the barrel.

''The big period swell that had kicked in over night resulted in long waits between the perfect sets and then there was a crowd with some bodyboarders who love to share the waves there also. Neither of us caught a perfect wave that were few and far between amongst the crowd.

''The next day I peeked in Mehdi's garage of goodies and saw an old, sunburnt yellow 6'7 pin that had a nice look to it.

''The swell looked smaller at first but then started to pulse again on the dropping tide with a nice offshore. Luckily this 6'7 I was kindly lent felt really good on rail with a nice speed after a couple of mid size waves.

''Then I paddled to the top of the point and it was surprisingly quiet with just Ramzi Boukhiam and myself. He had been surfing very well, scoring beautiful drainers and was a true gent. As we sat waiting he described to me where you sit on the huge days and how the perfect ones hit the point and reel down. A demanding, heavy wave but perfect.

''Then, a short while after this, I luckily found myself in the right spot at right place at the right time for a perfect wave which made my trip, and pretty much my whole winter.

''Medhi you are a hero and I am forever grateful for your kind hospitality dude.''