One Wave to Change Everything: Behind the Lines Ep 6

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Andrew Cotton is a calculated man when it comes to big wave surfing. For him, Nazaré is about picking the right one at the right time. "There's no frantic charging around," he says. This trip was about one wave.

In this final episode of Behind the Lines, Andrew Cotton's big wave season comes to a climax back where it all began in Nazaré, Portugal. On a wild, windy day at North Canyon he is whipped into a beast by Garrett McNamara that goes on to be touted by some of the world's media as the biggest wave ever surfed. In the end, he doesn't scoop the prestigious Billabong XXL Award - there were bigger waves surfed last winter. But more important is Andrew's own take on events that day. With a brutally honest post-surf interview he demonstrates a hunger and humility that should leave no one in doubt as to why he is one of the most respected big wave surfers on the planet today.