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BARRY Mottershead seeks out some lesser known slabs along the Irish coastline.

"I've been living in Ireland for ten years now." Said Barry "It seems not so long ago that I was selling my worldy possessions to buy a plane ticket from Cape Town to London. I worked there for a short while and then flew over here with my brother Dave, to start a new life in Ireland. One that revolved around the sea and the weather.

"It took a year or two for us to get set-up, learn the lie of the land so to speak. It's been a whirlwind of travel, waves and meeting friendly people, a blessed life that I am fortunate to lead. It's a tough place to grow roots, cold, windy, expensive and sometimes lonely but living on the edge of the North Atlantic has a very raw feel to it. We are exposed to nature at her wildest, and I love that."

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Artist: Uppermost
Song: Passion

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