Paddling Nazare with Othmane Choufani

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Perhaps the final swell of the season, Nazare went XXL on Friday. A tow only affair in the morning, too windy, too big. But come the afternoon and Moroccan charger Othmane Choufani paddled out and caught this detonator.

Othmane's a name you should know. This young hellman puts in the miles across the globe, chasing XXL swells at Jaws, Mavs, Nazare and even taking some time to charge Anchor Point at home when it really turns on.

But Nazare comes with some steep consequences. After Otho paddled out in the morning with Twiggy, he lost his board after a huge wave swept in from the side.

“After that. we waited a little and went to have a look at it a bit later,” he tells MSW. “We ended up having a five hours session with only a few waves ridden in the morning from people paddling.” As the conditions began to improve, Otho stroked into this one. Also feature throughout this edit is Twiggy, Alex Botelho, Carlos Burle, Lucas Chianca and Sebastian Steudtner. For more from that session, go HERE.