Parko Previews Quik Pro

I HATE losing says Parko as he prepares for the start of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.

How is forecast looking? It seems like it's been a while since Snapper hit a heavy run of swell during the contest. Bad news is that it's probably not going to be 'all-time' in 2012, but it will provide solid episodes. There's a hit of windswell arriving for the start of the competition on Feb 25th and the swell will pulse up and down until at least mid week.

Snapper doesn't need much to get going and rarely sees the same long period swells so common to the South and West of the continent. The only real long period swell it sees are from tropical cyclones and there is at present a small chance of a longer period swell in the mix for the end of the month/start of March.

Whatever the conditions, Snapper/Kirra will do its thing, focussing the swell and pulling it down the point offering the occasional drainer which the likes Parko are so adept at threading. Can the Cooly Kids step-up to the new kids, or will 2012 start as 2011 finished? Kick-off Saturday.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley