Peter and Roo's XXL Tube Appeal

PROOF, if it were needed, that surfing is best done for the love, the shits and the giggles looms large in Peter Conroy's Billabong XXL Pacifico Tube nomination out at Mullaghmore.

With no sponsor to please (at the time), Peter, who's a fireman by profession wasn't pulling in for any other reason than he wanted to and they've set up an appeal for funds to get them over to the XXL awards.

In years past nominees would have been flown out to California First Class with a brass band and a troop of dancing girls thrown in for good measure. But those days are gone, austerity reigns supreme, and it would be sad scene for the lights to dim and Peter Conroy and Roo Mccrudden's names to be read out from a spotlit Anaheim podium whilst they were asleep in Ireland.

"Peter and I are heading to the XXL Awards being held in Anaheim, California on the 3rd May. As some of you may be aware Peter doesn’t have the backing of a big surf brand like most of the other nominees, so we’re just funding this trip ourselves." Said Roo "We also put out a request for any help possible through press, donations etc which has been amazing so far. I can’t say thank you enough and appreciate the generosity of the Irish surf community and those outside it who have helped us so far."

We've donated, so go on, dig deep.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley